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Why Your Boat Club?

´╗┐Our mission at Your Boat Club is to provide the very best experiences of family fun while boating. It is our belief that by eliminating the high cost and long term commitment of boat ownership, we will make a positive impact in our members' attitudes and experiences of what boating has to offer!

´╗┐Unlimited Usage on Weekends or Weekdays!
Your Boat Club members have UNLIMITED USE of a fleet of boats. You may decide to take a runabout out and take your family water skiing for the weekend, or take a fishing boat out for a few hours after work. You decide how you want to use your boat club membership. With our fleet of boats at your fingertips there is nothing you can't do!

Great Boats - Great Availability!
At Your Boat Club we limit our boat club memberships to maintain a low member to boat ratio. This ensures our members get maximum boat availability, and our boats are always new, or mostly new. Nearly 90% of our members renew year over year because we make sure they get to enjoy the water!
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